Advice for Towing in Winter

Advice for Towing in Winter

December 20, 2016 11:41 am

Hobbies and interests can lead you up and down the country, allowing you to see different sights, meet people who share your interests and experience new events. All the while exciting, certain hobbies can create more problems and obstacles for you to resolve, particularly if you have a hobby where you require large equipment. Caravanning, horse riding and boating are just some of the major hobbies which captivates us in our thousands. Although, the nature of these activities does mean that you will probably need to invest in transportation, and it needs to be sturdy and robust to be able to tow such weights.

Just because the temperature drops and the number of layers increase, doesn’t mean that these hobbies stop though, so understandably you will seek the reliability of a tow car. For some, your car will be in constant use and a worthwhile investment. However, what could set you back anywhere between £10,000 and £60,000, depending on your specification, this may not be a pleasing number should you only be using your car a handful of times per year.

Increasing numbers of people are discovering the benefits of hiring a tow car for a period from 4×4 Vehicle Hire. With locations across the country, you can be sure to find a branch and a car to suit your needs for your hobby and journey ahead.

A tow car hire allows you to continue your journey and enjoy your hobby without the associated costs of buying and running a larger vehicle. Furthermore, a little luxury and indulgence when travelling never hurts anybody, does it? With the range of hire cars in Leeds, Bradford Airport, there is no better way to arrive to your location or event.

Winter Driving

Driving in the winter months can be a little alarming for the best of drivers, let alone when you are towing a heavy load, and what can be more than 4,000kg. When you are towing, you must be aware of your surroundings and how your decisions can affect the area and those around you. You are currently more likely to skid with such a weight behind you, so in adverse conditions care must be taken on icy roads, corners, and lanes. To help with this, simply slowing your speed will account for some of the extra weight and will also give you that little bit more of a stopping distance, particularly the rain and at night.

Choose your journeys wisely and travel at times when the roads and your vehicle has had a little time to warm up. First thing in the morning and late at night are times when you and your journey are more susceptible to danger.


Equip your car and load with the correct apparatus. Installing extension mirrors onto your wing mirrors will provide an unobstructed view of your load and the rear of your car. Get clued up on your load; you will need to know the weight and install any stabilisers should this be necessary. Stabilisers will also help should any snaking occur. Finally, you could opt to endeavor in training of how to tow a caravan or load. It is likely that you are a member of a club or organisation, and they may offer training of such needs. It’s not required by law, although it will instill you with confidence and allow you to enjoy your hobby as you always have.

Getting stuck in winter traffic or breakdown is never ideal at the best of times. Pack your car with plenty of extra layers, food, water, and emergency chargers for your phone. Setting off when it’s a little warmer and you have the heating on full blast may not seem so bad, but should the worst come to the worst, you need to be prepared.