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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1 Do you allow the vehicle to go abroad?

Yes of course, we charge an extra £10 + vat per day. You need our permission, you will also need a VE103B from us, and proof of breakdown cover. We can arrange that for you.


Q2 Do you provide car seats?

Yes we have car seats for every age group from new-born upwards, please make the branch aware of your exact requirements at time of booking.


Q3 Do you deliver to airports or any location in UK?

Yes of course, we provide a 24/7 delivery/collection service to any airport within the UK


Q4  Is there a charge for delivery?

Yes we charge 1.15 per mile from our location to yours, we have various locations throughout the UK so please ask, as costs may vary slightly per location.


Q5 Is there a surcharge for unsocial hours?

Yes, but its only minimal at £35 + vat.


Q6  Is there an age limit to drive the vehicles?

 Yes, 25 years and over but depending on the vehicle you require we can sometimes insure slightly younger please ask for more details.


Q7 Do you require DVLA share codes.

Yes we do, these are very easy to obtain from the DVLA website. We will talk you through how to obtain on booking.


Q8  Do you require a deposit?

Yes, it is a pre-authorised deposit of between £1500-£4000 depending on the vehicle, this is fully refundable on return of the vehicle.


Q9 Can I collect vehicle from your offices, is it secure?

Yes you can from some of our branches , this can be confirmed  when you contact the branch direct.


Q10 Can you provide snow chains?

Yes we can, there may be small charge


Q11 Do the vehicles arrive already filled with fuel?

Yes they do, usually a full tank, to be returned on same fuel level.


Q12 Do we have to return them full of fuel

Yes, but if you don’t have time we can invoice for the fuel charge at the end of hire.


Q13 Am I responsible for any PCNS and Speeding fines etc whilst the vehicle is on hire?

Yes, all of the above will come to us in the first instance. We will then notify you.


Q14 Are the vehicles fitted with tacographs?

No, not as a rule although in some cases we could maybe source.


Q15 Is there a charge for excess mileage?

Yes it is 0.45p+ vat extra per mile. Some of our branches excess mileage charge may vary.


Q16 Can I hire if I have 6 points on my licence?

Yes,6 points is acceptable on most occasions.


Q17 Can I hire if I do not hold a UK driving licence?

 This is not usually an issue, but it is always best to speak to us direct and we can confirm for you EU licenses are fine.


Q18 Can I extend my hire?

Yes, as long as you call us at the office directly we can arrange for you.


Q19 Can I hire if I have only be driving for 1 year?

 Unfortunately you need a minimum of 2 years driving experience.


Q20 Do you accept credit cards/AmEx?

Some of our branches accept Amex, but unfortunately  there is a surcharge.


Q21 Can someone else pay for my hire on my behalf?

Yes, but in prevention of fraud we would have to ask for their ID, the same ID we would require from the  driver.


Q22 What ID do I need to supply?

DVLA Share code ,the  card part of your licence both front and back and also proof of address ie bank statement/utility bill, and passport if possible.


 Q23 What happens in the event of a breakdown whilst I have the vehicle on hire?

All our hirers are issued with emergency contact details in the event of an accident or breakdown.


Q24 Is there an 4×4 Vehicle Hire App we can download?

Yes, we send out an email detailing how to download our app with every booking confirmation, also our drivers will hand you a leaflet explaining the App on delivery.


Q25 What happens if I damage the car whilst it is on hire?

We will assess damage on return of the vehicle and obtain estimate/s for damage then contact with you, the hirer to discuss.


Q26 Do the vehicles have tow bars?

Yes, a majority of our vehicles have tow bars and spare number  plates for towing purposes


Q27 Does your insurance cover what I am towing?

 No, insurance does not cover anything you are towing just the vehicle on hire.


Q28 Do quotes include insurance?

 Yes, includes insurance for 1 named driver.


Q29 Can we add additional drivers if required?

 Yes, you may add additional drivers cost is £10 per day, and we would need to see their ID documents also.