Land Rover Discovery Hire

Land Rover Discovery Hire

February 7, 2017 10:28 am

A new year offers many wonderful beginnings for a host of people. Perhaps over the festive period, you became engaged or married, and so are diving into 2017 with a different title and an array of plans to amaze all. Christmas and the new year also proves to be the most popular time for people to venture into a new career or job prospect, a chance for you to surge into your dream job and
flourish among new colleagues and friends. The most common resolution is something to do with health, be it joining a gym, buying a new pair of running trainers, or vowing to eat 5 portions of fruit and veg a day.


Most resolutions are possible to accomplish, but only if you believe that they will happen and set your mind to it, just like Land Rover with their new Discovery for 2017.

Innovative, versatile, stylish, and reliable, the All-New Discovery exceeds expectations and surpasses the hopes and desires of the savviest of car owners. Uniting the robust 4×4 characteristics of an off-roader with the sleek and slender design input from its owner, Jaguar, the Land Rover Discovery cars are excelling in sales, and it is expected that this will only continue upon its release for purchase this Spring.

Performance and Technology

4×4 cars are renowned for their strength and dependability when it comes to rough terrain. Snow, even though a rare occurrence in the UK, has unveiled the power behind the Land Rover, and the All-New Discovery continues to live up to the benchmarks set by its predecessors. As well as icy roads, the Land Rover Discovery is ideal for off-terrain journeys which might deliver a bumpy yet thrilling ride. Engine power and traction control are second to none, and with the option of Terrain Response 2, your vehicle will have the ability to select the optimum driving mode for the conditions presented.

For the real adventure seekers, wade sensing technology provides the driver with information about the water’s depth of a puddle or flooded area. This revolutionary concept has sensors in the doors and mirrors, allowing the driver to safely cross a treacherous flood without causing any harm to the vehicle and its passengers.

Towing capacity has become a considerable priority for some car owners, and the Land Rover Discovery leaves no exceptions. The All-New Discovery offers a deployable tow bar, hitch and load assist, as well as a nose load measurement system, making your towing needs all too easy to meet.


Not one to cut corners, Land Rover have excelled in the design of the new range of cars this year. Deviating from original designs, what was once a rather boxy looking vehicle only built with purpose in mind, the All-New Discovery emits finesse with its softer lines and sculptured exterior. Within its stunning frame, the interior design will leave you believing that you are travelling in an exclusive lounge. Expert design and select craftsmanship amalgamate the sturdiness with slender lines and supple finishes, including the use of superior materials and execution by skilled hands.

Land Rover Discovery for You

While the All-New Discovery is not available until Spring, 4×4 Vehicle Hire offers other Land Rover Discovery hire which will meet your requirements. Weddings, holidays, days out or towing offer the possibility of hiring a car for the event, a simple and cost effective way to add zest to a regular trip, whilst being ever so practical. Land Rover Discovery hire solves the problem of travelling long journeys with a full car and luggage, or landing at an airport with no means of transport. It allows you to experience elegance and class like no other, an intelligent choice for the avid car enthusiast.