Taking a 4×4 Range Rover to The Isle Of Mull

Taking a 4×4 Range Rover to The Isle Of Mull

March 21, 2018 11:25 am

 The Isle of Mull is a fabulous place to visit.

Driving there safely, knowing you are equipped to deal with every road and weather condition along the way, means hiring a Range Rover Sport from 4×4 Vehicle Hire Lancashire, writes Peter Holland.

Hire a 4×4 and go explore…

 All long road trips need to be carefully planned in advance. What’s the best route? How long will it take? Might we need to stay over somewhere along the way?

If you are considering the 630 mile return drive to the Isle of Mull, on the west coast of Scotland, you will need to ask yourself another important question. Will the family car actually survive the trip?

With the miles beginning to creep up on my own vehicle thwed the walking boots, wellies, waterproofs, hats, warm winter clothing and food… leaving plenty of room for a few extra bottles of wine!

By now my own car would have been a possibility of resting it for the week, by hiring a car instead, seemed sensible.

Hiring a vehicle which was designed and built to take Mull in its stride was an even better idea.

Although the entire fleet offered by 4×4 Vehicle Hire Lancashire is more than tough enough to do the job, I couldn’t resist the rugged and yet highly sophisticated Range Rover Sport.

With the shiny vehicle conveniently delivered to my home and all the paperwork completed with a minimum of fuss, it was soon time to load up with luggage for a week. The cavernous Range Rover swallocked to bursting and groaning under the extra weight but the Range Rover seemed to be urging me to load up even more.

An early Sunday morning, deserted roads and a quiet M6 motorway guaranteed we got off to a very good start. The Range Rover has plenty of power and long legs, covering the miles easily and comfortably. The commanding driving position elevates the driver and passengers into a lofty, safe and reassuring place.

I quickly began to realise why this was such a brilliant idea.

Take potholes for example. Most are just annoying. Others, like the ones we encountered while driving through Scotland and on Mull, are potentially tyre-bursting wheel-smashers. When filled with rainwater you often don’t see them until it’s too late. In the Range Rover you have a fighting chance of both seeing and avoiding them. If you do hit a large pothole the majestic suspension fights back, smoothing out even the biggest of bumps.

It was on the island itself where the Range Rover really excelled. On Mull you can expect four seasons in one day, from howling winds, stinging hail and snow to sunshine and beautiful blue skies.

We drove along single track roads which tested the nerves, through slippery cattle grids and streams, on forest tracks and even mountain roads littered with fresh rock falls.

Not once did the Range Rover lose its grip or fail to impress. Every day we grew more and more attached to it.

As our week drew to an end I was even secretly looking forward to the long drive home to Lancashire. Did it really take six hours? We were in the lap of luxury and it certainly hadn’t felt like it.

The Isle of Mull is a place of breathtaking beauty. The sort of place where you don’t go just to visit but to explore – by leaving the family car at home!


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