What defines a Prestige Car?

What defines a Prestige Car?

June 3, 2015 1:40 pm

Prestige is defined as receiving widespread respect and admiration based on achievements and quality. However the word also conjures up a sense of elegance, refinery and styling. Whether prestige applies to a person or a product, it takes considerable work and great attention to detail to achieve it.

Items that have been created using experienced craftsmanship can really help to set the tone at times when you really want to make the best possible impression. From a wedding day to an important business meeting, these are the times when it is worth investing in prestige.

Arriving in Style

No matter what the occasion, it is important to make a good first impression and this can often be achieved by arriving in style. A spacious, luxurious means of transport can be just the ticket for getting things off to a great start. From collecting business colleagues from the airport, to driving you parents to a surprise wedding anniversary celebration, the right can allows everyone to travel in comfort.

What Defines a Prestige Car?

A prestige car needs to be desirable. It must perfectly blend the latest technology and top performance with comfort and luxury. It will be made by a renowned company that is respected around the world for producing a high pedigree of vehicle that is reliable with an added touch of glamour. It should be exciting to drive, offering both power and control.

A Radical Transformation

Achieving prestige status is no mean feat, but there are classic and modern vehicles that have won the respect and admiration of buyers and car enthusiasts. Some car makers, such as Porsche and Rolls Royce have only ever made desirable, high end cars, whilst others have evolved over time to earn an up-market image.

Land Rover is one example who has shown a radical transformation. Initially building functional all-terrain vehicles which were ideal for agricultural workers, military and emergency services, the company focused on providing practical working vehicles. They excelled off-road, but were about as far removed as you can get from luxury vehicles. Out on muddy, uneven ground, there was no little need for a plush finish.

What a transformation to the new breed of 4 x 4 vehicles which are now available to purchase. Land Rover has focused attentions on a new market and has developed and finished vehicles in the Range Rover and Land Rover ranges to an exceptionally high finish. They now perfectly combine power and performance with luxury, comfort and style to provide an exceptionally high calibre driving experience.

These 4 x 4 vehicles offer the ultimate versatility, as they have been designed to be as at home on city streets, motorways, country lanes or a remote hill side. They can be the ideal car for a weekend adventure in the country, as much as the spacious solution for transporting business guests or getting the bride to the church on time, even on a snowy day.

Prestige Car Hire

We may dream of holding the keys to a prestige car, but for many of us this isn’t a realistic option. Although engine efficiency has been the focus of many car manufacturers in recent years, there are certainly more economical cars on the market.  Whether you are a business looking to invest in a fleet of cars or you are an individual seeking a car for personal use, purchasing and running prestige cars isn’t always financially viable.

If you’ve opted for a more practical vehicle for day to day transportation, but still have occasions when you really would like to push the boat out, prestige car hire could be the solution! You can hire one for the day, weekend, week or longer and you have the freedom to select the ideal vehicle for the occasion, from a flashy sports can to a top specification Range Rover https://4x4vehiclehire.co.uk/range-rover-hire/ .

Car hire charges will include insurance and a mileage allowance and in many cases the vehicle can either be collected from the hire company or arrangements can be made to deliver it to a convenient location. You should expect the hire car to arrive in top condition, so it is ready for you to get behind the wheel and make the right impression